Portrait photograph of a young girl in a striped T-shirt

Anxiety & ABC

This blog post follows straight on from our Wales review. The car journey was 7hrs each way and gave us much time to play a well loved game ’the A,B,C’ game.


Our daughter Lexi loves to play this game, we pick a theme, then go A-Z thinking of something for each letter. Favourite themes are animals, undersea creatures and food. Sometimes we theme by colour or size to mix it up.


We play this game all the time, not just in the car. Its a great distraction on long journeys and for helping anxiety we have discovered! Lexi can struggle with loud sounds, name calling, meeting strangers and disappointment if plans have to change last minute. We distract by asking her to name two things beginning with ‘L’ or ‘A’ for example. (Keeping it easy)  We follow a simple break down. I’m going to share it, as this may help others?…


COUNT: Count to 10 and back down.

BREATH: Take big deep breaths

CUDDLE:  Have a good cuddle.

EXPLAIN: Ask her to explain her feelings.

DISTRACT: Distract with ABC if no.4 doesn’t work

TALK: Discuss actions/feelings at a later, calmer time.


Top image: Calm Lexi writing.

Above image: Anxious Lexi.


Back to my original idea, ABC…

I decided to turn this game into a bigger family project for us! So I asked Lexi to write down her letter ideas, with the promise of turning each letter into a Illustration. I promised it would be a very colourful project and I wanted her opinion on each letter created, talking about each element hidden within. She instantly became excited and asked me to start with the letter L! Which of course I did.

This is a big project & at the time of writing this blog, we have completed L, J and H. (Everyday she tells me of another idea she’s had) Which is wonderful. We now take a little notebook everywhere with us! Lexi loves to think of ideas at the beach whilst writing in the sand.


Each illustration can be personalised underneath with your childs name, 'J is for Joshua’, 'H is for Holly’ etc

Or maybe a family name ‘J is for the Johnston Family’.

This is not the first time I have created something with Anxiety in mind.  I created Demelza the Brave, our latest Cornish Piskie. She come with a story scroll that reads...


Demelza the Brave

An anxious little one, with many worries.

Each day she takes a deep breath, puts on her invisible armour and faces the day. Little does she know...

She is braver than she believes and twice as beautiful than she realises.

I hope this little keepsake helps the recipient to realise they are not fighting there battles alone and are beautiful inside and out.

Anxiety can affect us all, any age, at any time. Be kind to each other, many are fighting battles hidden within!


After we have completed all 26 letters I hope to create a small range of postcard illustrations. Each with a positive quote on, which you could place around the house, or maybe on your work desk. With a more grown up feel!

I will of course have a set on my own desk!


Thanks for reading my latest blog, time to start our 4th Letter… T

(one sugar please) hehe



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Portrait photograph of a young girl in a striped T-shirt
Portrait photograph of a young girl in a striped T-shirt
Portrait photograph of a young girl in a striped T-shirt
Portrait photograph of a young girl in a striped T-shirt