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North Wales Family Review

Welcome to our first family review post.

Over time we are going to give reviews on places we visit and enjoy so much we want to share what we've seen. Giving a simple, honest, family on a budget review with the odd money saving tip. To kick start the process we are beginning with our family trip to north Wales and have five exciting places to review.



Is a whopping 1085m above sea level and thankfully for little legs it has a train that goes straight to the top (March-October). This is a wonderful experience, hearing the train toot to move sheep off the track and the views are spectacular 'on a clear day'. It takes about an hour to reach the top, although it doesn’t feel that long. If your feeling fit and would like to walk up, I’d highly recommend the miners track, which is a wonderful challenge. At the top their is a cafe, toilets, gift shop and you can write a postcard, to pop in the postbox to grandparents. You can catch the train back down or walk. (if you choose to go back on the train, your time at the top is limited to just 30mins & the train doesn’t wait!) We chose single tickets, so we could walk and followed the train track back down, which is very steep and I’d recommend a baby backpack over a buggy for sure. (half way theirs a small house which has drinks/snacks & toilet) We topped our water bottles back up!


Take a packed lunch! Arrive early, around 8.30am and catch the early bird 9am train.


This is truly magical and a return visit for us!

You start by popping on your hard hat, (they have kids/adults sizes) take a short walk to the dragon tunnel entrance, then await the boatman. You then board your boat and take a magical ride underground through the dimly lit caves, passing through a magical waterfall. (Watch out for the odd water drip) Then you walk as a group (approx 10/15 people) around the labyrinth with your boatman as your guide, listening to the tales of Merlin and King Arthur, watching the displays come to life in each cavern. You then board your boat back to the tunnel you first walked down (the ride back is darker, which out overhead for the dragon) Its really fun and magical for kids, Lexi loved the boat ride and waterfall best. The place also has a cafe, outdoor park and plenty of local craft shops.


Take a packed lunch! Arrive early to book a slot (using local discount leaflets, or book in advance online to secure your desired adventure time) or you maybe waiting a while.

As only one group enters each hour.


This is another underground adventure, but completely different!

No magic here, this is all about the slate mining history and the Victorian life of men and boys working underground. Pick up your hard hat (they have kids/adults sizes) and boiler suit (this is optional but great fun) next board the cable lift that takes you 500ft underground. (Breath in, its a tight squeeze) Then begin your adventure along the underground tunnels and caverns (note some of the tunnels are quite low so be prepared to duck) Follow your guide around and join in with his story and watch the displays come to life in each cavern. Kids learn to set off a improvised explosion (Lexi was chosen to push the plunger down, then got a little scared with the smoke and noise etc, so be prepared with little ones) The last lake filled cavern is spectacular with lights and music.


Book the early-bird 9.00am tour, its half price! Take warm clothing and of course a packed lunch. Kids might like to take a little torch as its not very well lit.



This is one of three adventure sites all based in north Wales. The activities are pricey, so we chose to do just one. The fforest coaster! It was amazing and gave us the biggest smiles of the week. You climb into a giant sledge that's attached to a steel track which pulls you up through the trees. Its a beautiful journey up and up AND UP! Then whoosh, down the track you fly. You can go together with a child up to 9yrs with an adult. You get three goes each and Lexi swooped between riding with mummy or daddy. It runs all weather too, bonus!


Close your mouth on route down to avoid swallowing flies and of course a packed lunch.


Is a wonderful intact castle to wander around, climb the turrets to see spectacular views out to sea or in land to the mountains. It has plenty of stairs, doorways and walkways for kids to explore. There is a small exhibit about the history and a short film.

The entrance bridge is impressive and there is a playground and cafe.


Take waterproofs, their is no roof and as always a packed lunch helps save money every time.

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